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"Being able to deliver a direct and honest message authentically without second
guessing or feeling small."

I absolutely loved the playlist and the tips on how to feel more confident and how going to the interview with a positive and “funny” mentality can really help decrease the pressure and stress of the moment. 

Estrella T.

Clarity Boost online ( 4 sessions in 2 weeks) for a job Interview

The BENEFITS of having good communication skills

Standing up and speaking in front of a room full of people can feel like the most exposing situation in your career. It can be all that stands between you and the next stage, whether that's a promotion, change of direction or moving to something completely new. 


You want to start living truthfully to yourself, taking decisions that bring you joy, and communicating with clarity and determination. And above all to have the courage to stand up to your fear, come out stronger and know it is your gateway for growth and success.


Public speaking is a skill that could be the deal breaker for your success. Transmitting a message with honesty, integrity and authenticity is a gift. And it can be learnt! 


I’ll work with you combining language training, coaching and public speaking techniques to master your communication from every angle. You can increase your vocabulary, develop your mindset and feel confident communicating in your second (or third!) language.


We can free you from the thoughts that are holding you back, identify your inspiration and transform your hidden potential into experiences that you'd only imagined until now. 


  1. ​​Convert the fear of speaking in public into confidence and charm

  2. Connect with your audience and show empathy

  3. Create clarity to make decisions- no 'what-ifs'

  4. Learn to brush off criticism and quieten your inner critic

  5. Improvise effortlessly in the moment

  6. Make clear requests in any language

  7. Respond with assertiveness

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place

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