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We'll take a look at every area of your lifestyle to design a programme that gives you a revolutionary transformation in your attitude, energy and outlook. 

Fearless Communication, Mindfulness and Body awareness are the three pillars in taking your Communication and Public Speaking to the next level.

What's at stake if you don´t lose that discomfort of public speaking?

Your commitment, dedication, time and discipline will be your best friends on the your journey to losing the fear of speaking in public. 


This is a longer term pathway to big results that will redesign your relationship with the English language and Public Speaking, and elevate your professional status.

Prices Vary


Examine your communication in relation to your ambitions and day to day situations.


Recognise your behaviour patterns and unlearn the habits that are holding you back.  


Perfect your linguistic agility and vocabulary, including techniques for challenging situations.

Above all, well start the shift towards the Version 2 of YOU.


  • Weekly sessions online

  • Weekly self study & observation

  • Personalised Coaching plan for 6 months

  • Assertive Communication tools checklist

  • 7 Public Speaking Steps

  • NLP Coaching Techniques 

  • Body language & Voice Training

  • Multilingual learning environment

  • Linguistic Support and Pronunciation

  • 1 Complete Presentation experience 

  • Filming & Feedback

  • Fearless Communication E-Guide

*Minimum commitment 4 months 

Ideal for

  • Tech Leads, CTOs, Engineering Managers in international working environments who need to regularly speak in public 


"Other people have noticed I'm more assertive, but the biggest change is inside me. I'm confident in myself, I believe in what I'm capable of and don't worry about being perfect. I feel unstoppable!

Now I'm ready to channel this into all of my communication and relationships."


Prices Vary

Starting from €495 month  

*VAT not included

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