Beginners guide to calming your mind.

Updated: May 21

Do you know that feeling when your head is about to explode?

So how can we go about calming that monkey mind of ours? That radio that is broadcasting no stop. Those "sleepless" nights when you wake up and you feel like you´ve solved seriously big scale problems. Yet, you forget your house keys and lose your phone fairly often.

Just breath

Our mind is a non-stop radio, angel and demon kind of show. The ego vs. love, peace vs. fear. Like New York, it never sleeps. This eventually takes a toll on us. Drains our energy and leaves us exhausted and taking us further from our essence and inner peace.

Behaviour like forgetfulness, going on autopilot, blurry thoughts, tiredness, headache, lack of energy and vitality. The more visual side effects are the bags under the eyes (viva la make up), grey and lifeless skin and the heartbeat on your forehead and heavy eyes.

So before the light inside completely fades away. You are not New York and you don´t need to be, you also need to sleep and rest. Above all enjoy existing without that radio interfiering at all times. Believe it or not, your mind will appreciate it too.

So, by taking matters into your hands and starting off with some ME time. So what can I do to become Finland in summer?

A peaceful and quiet country with green forests and thousands of lakes. An ecosystem working in blissfull balance. The flowers and the berries blooming, waiting to be picked.

Close your eyes for a moment, take 3 deep breaths, hear the silence and picture this scene and ask yourself, could this be me and my mind?

Finland in summer. Silently full of life.

There are several things you can do to bring clarity into your mind. This does not mean see a white light, stop breathing or 5 days a week taking body combat classes at the gym to clear your mind. No joke, meditation. Breathing.

I invite you to discover what meditation means to you. There are many types. Like fine wines, find your own style.

If your are new to this and don´t know where to grab a hold or what to do, here´s a little checklist of alternatives:


  1. Ask around, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Ask them if they practice mediation or know someone who does. Ask them what and where, ask for feedback, benefits, maybe you could join. How often, how much? Be curious.

  2. Google mediation options in your area, maybe there is an open day you can go to. Maybe a Wanderlust event can give you an insight. Maybe even a meditation centre, go and see them, have a chat with them. Maybe even try your first sitting if this is available. Maybe its yoga.

  3. Find an APP that can help you with guided meditations or visualizations. Use technology to help you. Look for key words such as mediation, calm, breathing etc. Discover, download, try, delete. Maybe this option is not for you. Move on, it´s ok.

So for now, become a researcher, and become an explorer. Go in search of your Finland. This might take several days, weeks or months. Don´t settle for anything less, be patient. There are so many methods, types, ways, people, centres and thoughts that you will find your way of quietening your mind.

Maybe you aren´t quite there yet or not motivated enough. No worries, there are some things you can do at home to start training your monkey mind.

Tricks to quieten your mind at home

  1. Your relationship with your phone. No phone 30 min from waking up and no phone 30 min before going to bed. Let you mind start the morning in peace and don´t give it more to digest just before sleeping.

  2. When you are washing the dishes, focus on washing the dishes. No ipad, no music, no nothing. Juts you and the dishes. Mindful activities at home. One task at a time. You know by now that multi-tasking is so old school.

  3. Respect your 8 hours of sleep.

In a nutshell, if you are ready to take responsibility and really deep down, whole- heartedly want to start making changes in your life. You are ready to bring the silently beautiful Finnish summers into you life, I invite you to rise above, stop making excuses and take the first action today. However small it may be. Baby steps, be patient.

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