Have you met your emotions yet?

Updated: May 21

Living a hectic city life, full of work action and seeking for thrill in micro moments is for many a nowadays reality. So my question for you is, do you enjoy your own company? Are you aware of you state of mind, emotions and bodily sensations?

I´d love to share my thoughts on this matter with you...

It´s a reaction in my body, so I won´t pretend it´s not there. It´s a sign, an alert. Let´s hear what you have to say! It can be positive or negative. I can give it a grade, shape, texture or colour. How intense is it? I won´t ignore it, I´ll give it a number.

Are you self aware? How do you react to things?

Oh my, I lost it, I exploded and now regret, I´m so sorry. I should have not said anything, in any, case I worry. I know what I felt like doing, my animal impulse, my first reaction. I messed up. I´ll know better for next time.

Funnily or luckily it´s not what I did. That´s in the past, I can now focus on what I can do next time. The best part of this is that the decision is ALWAYS mine.

Hello emotions! Welcome to my life, I promise to not to ignore you and from now on listen to you.

So have you met your emotions yet?


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