"The definition of GREED is to have a gift but not share it"

Sharing is caring, so I like to share some of my own work and the things that have helped me along the way. These are things I truly believe in, and they can help you getting started on the journey to become a better version of you, and above all, a better communicator. 

Beginner's Guide to using connectors

I´ve seen many professionals suffer on stage, feeling small, the presentation is dragging, the audience is dozing off.


"One of those earth-eat-me moments." 

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Creatividad | Discurso Final 

Anne Pirkkanen

Final Presentation for the Teacher Training Course for Neurolinguistic Programming | Spanish Asosiation AEPNL
Creatividad by Anne

Body Language

The power of vulnerability

The gift and power of emotional courage

How to speak so that people want to listen

How language shapes the way we think

Entrevistas de trabajo

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Anne has provided me with all the resources, tactics and guidance I needed to pursue my dream job. She's supportive, positive and provided healthy debate to my decision making. She can repack your thoughts and ideas in a way that adds a meaningful direction.”

— Daniel Martin-
Public Speaking Coaching for an interview, Barcelona

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